Okhrey Homestay

Okhrey, Sikkim1000

A very warm welcoming family run home stay situated in the tranquil landscape of a little known village named 'Okhrey' of Sikkim.

Many a times it so happens that on the way to a popular tourist destination, one gets captivated by an almost deserted place with maybe just a few rhododendrons or a cluster of huts tucked away in a mountain fold. One generally passes such places by but if we can allow ourselves a detour, these sleepy places often turn out to be fascinating.

Okhrey is such a place on the route to 'Barsey Rhododendron Sanctuary', one of the most popular trekking trails in Sikkim. A couple of days in this small but amazingly beautiful village in West Sikkim is sure to leave with wonderful memories of the tranquil mountains and the way of life it nurtures.

The mountains that tower on the north keep beckoning the travellers for long rambling walks through winding paths. If you venture out, you might come across a missionary school or a small hamlet or a solitary cottage with the owner gardening outside.

If you are interested in a bit of trekking, you can climb up the slope to a small village called Latitar. On a clear day, you will get a grand view of the entire Kangchenjunga range.

The inhabitants of Okhrey are mostly sherpas. They are trying to build a cultural academy, where one can study their tradition and culture, which form such an integral part of mountain travel.

Since Okhrey is not very well frequented by visitors, the best place where one can find accommodation is the 'Okhrey Homestay'. This home stay offers four excellent rooms with attached and common bath systems. The rooms are cozy and the location of the homestay is excellent considering the picturesque view of the Mt. Kanchendzongha and green Himalayas. It is situated at the entry point of 7th mile at Okhrey. A very warm welcoming family run home stay well known for its hospitality. A huge dormitory was there on the 1st floor, 2 Double Bed Rooms and 3 four bed rooms are also there in the home stay building and in total the home stay can accommodate 40 heads. All one has to do is reach Okhrey and the rest will be taken care of by them, including how best to spend your time.

Okhrey Homestay

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