Gangtok Jungle Camp

Gangtok, Sikkim1350

Aesthetic natural & raw wilderness for enjoyment, happiness, with safety and security

A sudden departure from visual pollution of the Gangtok city, a 23 km drive through small road meanders down and spiral's up again through small houses, terrace rice fields and enchanting woods festooned with rare plants and haunted by echoes of sloshing streams to reach this beautiful 'Gangtok Jungle Camp', tucked inside the greenest shades of the coniferous forest hills, neighbouring the Sikkim's most grandest and colorful 'Rumtek Monastery'.

At an altitude of 5,000 feet, this jungle camp is reverberating with the cooing and cackling of thousands of avian species as if the whole forest is enchanted. The camp has four wooden cottages having been designed in harmony with its beautiful surroundings and also offers tent accommodation; there is ample scope to pitching your own tents too.

Gangtok Jungle Camp

Rooms & Tariffs

Four wooden cottages of tariff 1650 per night, sits nestled among the lush green rolling hay meadows smothered by dense ferns, moss, and tall coniferous trees. The cottages, all having attached bath, are adorned with a remarkable simplicity, perfectly in tune with environment. The rooms and bathrooms as well, are clean and well maintained. There is an attached balcony offering 180 degree view of the beautiful surroundings. The huge windows open up into the opulent greenery as if there is no barrier at all. Also offers tent accommodation. Gangtok Jungle Camp


Gangtok Jungle Camp

Around the Camp

This place is very near to the 'Fambonglho Wildlife Sanctuary' and here the most remarkable feature is the omnipresent richness of biodiversity. Various flowers, ferns, exotic wild orchids, rhododendron, pine, huge variety of birds, exquisitely colourful moths adorn this abode of solace and solitude.

There are numerous village trails to be explored and nature enthusiasts and avid traveller would be spoilt for choices. Guided trekking, hiking bird watching, photography or pilgrimage to the famous Rumtek monastery, the hostess can get it all arranged perfectly.

Even though many exciting outdoor activities are arranged by the owner for nature admirers, you can enjoy the melodious cacophony of the avifauna echoing across the woods from your balcony itself. Titmice, Satyr, Tragopan, Kalij, Pheasant, Black eagle, Brown wood owl, Nepal tree creeper, Yellow billed blue magpie, Hill partridge...the list is endless. Packing in a book of Salim Ali and a pair of binoculars wouldn't be a bad idea, isn't it.


Save the evenings for sizzling barbeques and bonfires. The food is organically grown in their own garden and local cuisine is generally served. You can even taste locally produced millet wine if you like to. The hostess is very helpful and knowledgeable and wouldn't compromise on the warm hospitality that is jungle camp offers. Even though is camp is within the forests, security is of no concern, she assures.

Gangtok Jungle Camp


The quaint jungle camp is well connected by roadway via Ranipool and Bhusuk. It is also just 23 km, an hour scenic drive from the capital city of Gangtok. Driving through this jungle camp in itself is a great treat and enrich your photographic memory of Sikkim. Locals Taxis to Rumtek are available at the taxi stand beneath MG Marg. Some locals travel almost daily from Rumtek to Sikkim for work. People here are warm and helpful.


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