An enlivening holiday experience to relax, rejuvenate and explore the culture, cuisine & the traditions of Rishyap.

The ‘Valley Of Flowers’ is being developed in the serene hamlet of Rishyap, in the Eastern Himalayas as a village-tourism based homestay where the main idea is to promote endogenous & responsible tourism.

The idea came up with the thought that tourism is not just ‘seeing’ a picturesque location but being ‘one with it’ The rich biodiversity, the dramatic weather, the mighty Kangchenjunga & the friendly people of Rishyap promise a memorable experience for adventure & nature lovers.

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Rishyap Homestay

  • A refreshing holiday experience to relax, rejuvenate & weft of the indigenous culture, cuisine & traditions of this region without losing out on the comforts that are your privilege.

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