Takdah Homestay

Takdah, Bengal1400

“Misty meandering roads, chirping of the birds, nature trails passing through dense forests, sound and sight of fountain streams coming down the slope of mountains every few yards you walk — this is what Takdah is”

Holidays are always memorable, more so when we are taking a couple of days off from our busy hectic schedule. To overcome the mundane and stress of our daily life, we are always seeking some offbeat and unexplored places to visit. Takdah at about 5000 feet high near Darjeeling is one such place, where we can spend a relaxed weekend.

Takdah Homestay

The Homestay …

Located at a vantage point at the edge of a hill, overlooking numerous slopes of tea gardens all around it, small hamlets spotted from the sun shining on their tin roofs, this simple yet charming, spacious homestay provide you with not only a very comfortable stay but also a chance to walk around the two leaves and bud plantations to realize how different life close to nature can be.

Takdah Homestay

Accommodation —

There are ‘one double and one triple bedded rooms’ with attached bath fitted with geysers. Rooms are elegant, spacious, airy with a common balcony overlooking tea gardens that serves as the view point to witness amazing sunrise and snow capped peaks. A 2-minute walk down through the homestay area reaches the tea garden.

Tarrifs are quite pocket friendly, 1400 for a day.

Takdah Homestay Takdah Homestay

Get revealed among the clouds, landscapes…

While sitting in the balcony which overlooked the mountains all around you and hearing the chants from some nearby monastery, its really the nearest thing to heaven one can experience. The sun shone bright at times casting shadows of the hills whose tops are permanently covered with white clouds which at times came down and reduced vision to a kilometer far only. This amazing play of the sun and clouds over steaming momos and pakoras over pots of first flush aromatic tea is enough to justify ones effort to reach this place.

Takdah Homestay

Dining —

Regarding food, the host says “We do not have long menu and luxurious dish. We simply provide local authentic food that we eat daily to guest.”
So, menu and rate are simple. They normally grows organic Green vegetables, Beans, Maize, Potato, Chilly (Dalle) and fruit like Guava and Aacado. Takdah is famous for avocado which grows once in every four or two years.

Takdah Homestay

Bye bye Takdah

Its difficult to come away from such an enchanting place. Eyes turn back to capture one long last look of the Himalayas, the mighty frontiers of our country. The hills stand the same way, only the eyes admiring them and the feet trodding on them keep changing with every visitor.

Not many know about this small hamlet, a treasure secret, because it’s yet to develop as a full-fledged tourism place. This beautiful small hamlet is just 28kms away from Darjeeling, and can be reached by road from New Jalpaiguri or Siliguri, is just 60 kms from where you can hire a car for this 3 hours drive. Buses are available from Darjeeling.


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